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Giac is contracted to Oxford University Press to write a psychology textbook, (publication date 2018).

Understanding the therapist contribution to psychotherapy outcome: A meta-analytic approach,
Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 44(5) 664-680, DOI 10.1007/s10488-016-0783-9.

Towards Predicting Prosocial Behaviours: Sex and Age Differences in Music Preferences and Empathy.
Empirical Musicology Review, 10(1), 50-65.

Music Preferences and Empathy: towards predicting prosocial 
Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, & Brain, 23(2), 177-186.

On the role of theory and models of change in psychotherapy research,
Psychotherapy in Australia, 19(2), 18-27.

Three problems with the theory of cognitive therapy,
American Journal of Psychotherapy, 66(4), 375-390.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy: The evidence is in,
InPsych, The Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society, (April, 2010).

Disavowal in cognitive therapy: the view from self psychology,
Psychotherapy in Australia, 15(2), 14-19.

Understanding and explaining therapeutic behaviour: Why do we do what we do?,
Self Psychology Newsletter, 1(5), International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Psychoanalytic perspectives on substance use and antisocial personality disorder,
Australian Psychologist, 40(2), 137-145.

Restoring balance to psychology curricula,
InPsych, The Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society, (February, 2003).

Morality, Masochism, and the Market Place
(unpublished manuscript)

Psychoanalysis: Quaint antique or modern alternative?
(non-academic paper)

Recent Paper Presentations
-Inequality, Narcissism, and Nature: Rousseau's Amour-propre and Kohut's narcissism.
-Oral Sadism: A classic revisited.
-The Function of the Orgasm: Reich, Ravel, and Velazquez.

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Video Interview of Prof. Arnold Goldberg
Filmed and edited by Giac Giacomantonio, 2013.

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